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Setting Up Your DAW

Cubase DAW SoftwareOne of the biggest things that producers and engineers have to do when they get started is not just loading up software on their Digital Audio Workstation, but also connecting everything together so that you’re able to record. Many of the new breed producers aren’t too familiar with how to connect the physical backend of their studio, although they are definitely well versed in taking control of most software.

I have to be honest, the first time that I learn to do this it was kind of a pain in the arse. Setting up your soundcard, knowing which connectors go where, being sure you’re not over a limiting any outputs etc etc. Eventually over time, I did start to get the hang of it and really enjoyed setting up DAW for my other friends who just got their equipment.

If you’re looking to just produce music then all you really need to do is connect your computer to your drum machine or mini keyboard. Also, you’re going to have to connect to your studio monitor speakers to your sound card device so that you’re able to hear what it is that you’re producing.

If you find that you require a microphone, then we highly recommend purchasing two different styles as possible. One of those styles being a cardioid microphone, while the other being a dynamic or condenser. These will definitely help keep your recording options versatile for different applications.

At this point once you have all of the physical connection setup it will then make sense to start installing the remainder of your software. I mean she can’t hear it how do you know if it works?

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